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Lara Archer is a multi-award-winning author of lush, emotional historical and contemporary romance, and a member of the fabulous Ruby Slippered Sisterhood.

Lara Archer is a literature and history junkie, but even in her most scholarly moments, she’s imagining dukes and duchesses waltzing in mirrored ballrooms, or Napoleonic spies chasing one another through moonlit forests.

She lives on the Left Coast with messy kids, messy pets, and a messy artist husband who’s also a scholar, except he focuses on whales. That’s why, if you don’t find Lara on her computer, she’s probably out to sea on a kayak, hoping to spot a breaching humpback (and hoping not to get bumped by a Great White Shark. Eep.).

Lara’s debut historical romance, BARED TO THE VISCOUNT, is available at Amazon, along with her latest, HOLD ME CLOSE: A CHARMED BRACELET TALE, and her 2012 Golden Heart winning historical romance THE DEVIL MAY CARE.

Lara’s debut contemporary romance, WILD AT HEART,  is also available at Amazon.

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4 thoughts on “About Lara Archer Romance”

  1. Hi Lara! When is the next installment of the Rites of May coming out? I am dying to read the rest of the series!!

    1. I’m hard at work on Book 2! Hopefully it will be out by mid-December! Thanks so much for asking! I do have to get a newsletter together so I can let people know when new releases are coming.

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