myedits_LaraArcher_BaredToTheViscount_2500px copyBARED TO THE VISCOUNT is up for sale at Amazon!!

At the moment, it’s at #64 in Regency historical fiction! AND it’s got it’s first review….which I just have to quote because this is so danged fun!!:

“I’m a sucker for terrific writing – something BARED TO THE VISCOUNT has in spades – so it’s no wonder that I absolutely loved reading this debut novel from Lara Archer. Her prose is gorgeous, her pace is effortless, and the story flows from one well-crafted scene to another. Archer’s grasp of history and language is superb, and she blends this with a sensual story of love, connection, and humor that had me alternating between aching for these characters, fanning myself after their encounters, and laughing and crying with them as they faced the obstacles that kept them apart. (Not to mention the terrific and hilarious subplot of the sexton and his widowed lover.) This story is richly satisfying on all levels, which is why I’m thrilled to learn from reading blog posts that have popped up in honor of her release day that Lara Archer has books two and three in the Rites of May series well underway. I’m especially thrilled to learn Archer has plans for her character Sam Brickey! Hubba, hubba — that’s going to be one steamy and wonderful read. So, yes, I will be first in line to snap up those books, and any other Ms. Archer publishes. Judging by her BARED TO THE VISCOUNT, she’s clearly going to be a star!”

Thank you, lovely reviewer, whoever you are!! MWAAAAAHHH!!!

Grab your copy, ladies and gents, but first join me over at the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood for my Release Day party!!!